Rona Leah accepts commissions for Oil Paintings of children, families, women, and men.  


This is where it begins. She learns your desires, answers your questions, lends her expert advice and schedules your sitting.  

A Studio sitting 

Rona Leah conducts most camera studies in her studio. She keeps a small collection of elegant furniture and other pieces for use in the creation of your portraiture. She cultivates a professional yet relaxing environment that is welcoming to both adults and children alike.  

The Art Piece 

She is a classic fine art portraitist creating uniquely rich and charming luxury art pieces.  

A beautiful portrait can nourish the soul, give children confidence, connect families, and bring joy to a home. It is a misconception that the painted portrait is reserved for retiring judges and university presidents alone.  

The process to commission an art piece of your own is simple and straight forward. She strives to make the whole experience stress free and enjoyable. Her attention to detail makes for an art piece that is very personal and special to each of her clients. Exquisitely finished, beautifully framed, and hung in their home, they delight in them for years to come.